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Our mission

The highest quality


The environment in which WesTrade operates changes continuously. Customers are critical and set high standards, the competition is more intense than ever and the technological developments are rocket-fast. These changes challenge WesTrade at all times. Challenges that we love to take on.
WesTrade’s mission is to anticipate to the wishes of customers, end users and employees as an independent and involved organization. We feel very strongly about quality and communication.
Furthermore, WesTrade’s employees cooperate in the further development of a profitable and durable company. WesTrade wants to function from an optimum balance between economical progress and social development, with due regard of the environmental factors.
WesTrade strives for expanding her position offering, importing and distributing innovative and high-quality products and services. In our pursuit of the highest attainable quality, we make no concessions.
In the future, WesTrade also wants to remain a company that can make both small, medium and very big Works, together with strategic partners but also alone. Therefore, WesTrade wants to gain as much knowhow of the sector. Furthermore, the group wants to gain more awareness on the market as an innovative, cost-effective and durable partner for ways of working and solutions.
Bu further expansion of our network of business relationships, increase of our market share and a clear communication with our customers, prospects and employees, the turnover and the result will increase every year and have sufficient profit for our shareholders as a consequence.


The wishes of our customers, the welfare of our employees and the satisfaction of the end users are very important to us. Not just because we want to deliver high-quality work, but also because WesTrade realizes that having a good relationship with these people contributes to the delivery of a high-quality project.
"Exceeding customer expectations by constantly innovating with the best employees that work from the core values respect, integrity and openness, with passion and drive, in a dynamic and transparent environment where customers feel at home”
These efforts are rewarded by an ever-increasing number of satisfied customers.
We are looking forward to you also belonging to this group of more than satisfied customers.