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Freedom, Trust and Responsibility

Make a career at WesTrade

Make a Career at WesTrade!

WesTrade Group´s success is based on the talent, qualities and qualifications of our employees. We create the conditions for an ideal career support and maximum satisfaction.
WesTrade also wants to make a positive difference as an employer. The success of WesTrade is namely connected with the passion of all employees. Together we work on a safe and optimistic company culture in which everyone feels right at home and can utilize his or her capacities to the full.

Freedom, Trust and Responsibility

Besides result-oriented working, the extent of work satisfaction of our employees is also a very important part of our operational management. This is expressed in the right attention for staff policy, modern terms of employment, good and safe working conditions and sufficient education and training. Moreover, the fact that WesTrade is a family company gives us the freedom to, according to the highest standard of company ethics, design our own future and to create a real mutual advantage for ourselves and for everyone we cooperate with.


We believe that the contribution of every individual within WesTrade is a basic ingredient for the lasting success of our company. We find this in the usage of the word ‘associate’ for everyone that works at WesTrade. This symbolizes the way we believe we have to deal with our ‘associates’. In exchange for taking responsibility and initiative to achieve specific goals, our ‘associates’ have the right to an honest treatment, respect, development possibilities and rewards that suit their contributions.


We believe in quick and clear communication. We believe that it should be possible to have good contact with everyone, on every level and at every moment.


All WesTrade employees get the full responsibility of the development of their own career, while we offer the investment, support and framework so they can fully concentrate on the challenges in their job. By being clear about the responsibilities and by creating challenging and interesting jobs, complete with career development steps, and by setting mutual goals, we increase the involvement, and with that the performances of our associates all over the world.

Diversity of Employees

WesTrade wants her employee base to be a reflection of society. We implemented a special policy to increase the number of female colleagues and colleagues with a different cultural background. We made the rock-hard agreement that both men, women and persons from ethnic minorities participate in every selection procedure. In this way, we want to offer everyone similar chances.

The Dynamic Practice

Are you looking for a work experience place or graduation place? Every year, WesTrade offers students of WO, HBO, MBO and VMBO the chance to graduate, do a work placement and gain work experience at one of our companies.