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WesTrade Holding WesTrade Holding
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Your partner in business!

WesTrade Holding

About WesTrade

WesTrade is a commercial organization that first and foremost strives for continuity. Long-term relationships with partners, customers and remaining drawees are therefore important to us. WesTrade consists of a driven, closely bonded, solid group of companies at which people and quality form the number one priority. The head office is established in Dordrecht, the Netherlands.

WesTrade never stands still and has set up an expanded network of business relationships through the years. We feel very strongly about personal communication with our customers. This gives trust and makes sure we know what is going on in the market.

WesTrade’s power is the gather of knowledge and practical experience on different areas in a reliable organization. Due to this, short lines of communication always enable us to make decisions within a very short timeframe.

The WesTrade organization internally has an informal sphere, but it has a formal sphere towards the customer. Due to our open sphere, visions of the different employees can be made clear in a quick way.

The experience WesTrade Group gained and its solid base form the guarantee of a skilled and reliable partner.

The increase mainly is the consequence of the many customers that put their trust in WesTrade.
Exceeding the expectations of the customer is the daily pursuit of all involved employees.

Result-orientedness, passion, involvement, collegiality and granting the maximum possible service are all part of Westrade’s way of working.